4-channel AHD + 1 IP Channel 720P & 1080P MDVR

The quality of your vehicle and third-party protection is only as good as your chosen MDVR equipment and accessories. These proven 4-channel AHD + 1 IP channel 720P & 1080P MDVR solutions support up to five inputs, with the IP channel normally assigned to a higher resolution front camera. Depending on your requirement, pair your 720P or 1080P MDVR with data storage options ranging from a 256GB SD Card to a 2TB HDD.

For ultimate peace of mind and real-time fleet monitoring, specify Live View with 3G or 4G SIM Card package and our Cloud-hosted data subscription. You’ll be able to monitor vehicle movements and view real-time images on a PC or via iOS and Android apps. Then add optional Wi-Fi and make it easy to download incident data on return to your depot.

When you choose a 4-channel AHD + 1 IP channel 720P & 1080P MDVR, you can count on our decades of experience manufacturing, supplying, installing and supporting MDVR equipment that saves lives and protects property.

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