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Imagine mighty quarry dumpers, heavy industrial plant and tiny fork lifts. Adding suitable safety equipment to industrial vehicles is proven to reduce accidents and costly property damage. Improving drivers’ 360° vision and adding vital safety equipment means you’ll enjoy priceless peace of mind. It might lower your insurance premiums too…

From wireless camera systems to RadarSafetyStop™

Since 1986, we’ve specialised in saving lives and protecting property around industrial vehicles – improving forklift truck safety is a particular specialism.

Naturally, everything we do is built around reliability, sturdiness and value. Our industrial vehicle safety solutions include advanced camera and reversing systems. These improve driver vision and make manoeuvring safer. There’s our 2.4GHz digital wireless transmitter system for fork lifts too. And our reassuring Radar SafetyStop™System – if anything enters its detection zone it gives clear warning and automatically applies the vehicle brakes.

Meeting a special challenge of fork lift safety

Experience shows that forklifts present special challenges. This is particularly so if you need to connect a camera and monitor. Improving driver vision with mast-mounted cameras is particularly problematic. Traditionally, this was done with complicated cable reels. Unfortunately, due to complexity and vulnerability to damage, wired systems don’t always deliver the expected fit-and-forget reliability. What’s more, they’re prone to distortion and interference. They don’t encourage flexible camera locations either – for instance, when accommodating over size loads, helping precise fork positioning or making reversing easier.

Benefits – increased safety and versatility

Compare this to the simplicity of wireless systems that make it easy to put cameras wherever they’re needed to increase driver vision. With this system, camera and monitor aren’t physically linked. In fact, you can even move the camera to suit different operational requirements. As with all our vehicle safety systems, increased safety and property protection is a given. Now add increased operational efficiency and better long-term reliability.


Do you operate one fork lift or a fleet? Our experience with industrial vehicle safety means your operatives see more. And you enjoy priceless peace of mind.

PRO TIP – if your fork lifts work outside, make sure your system components are at least IP67-rated.

Wireless Camera System for Industrial Vehicles

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