The two types of sensor system that we offer exemplify everything we do to help save lives, reduce injuries and protect property around commercial and PSV vehicles.

Will you specify our sensors as part of our HGV Bike Hotspot Side Scan System or flush-mounted Sentinel™ Front Corner System? Whatever the application, our sensors are speed-modulated via CANBUS (or an analogue speed module). This prevents activation above operator-set speeds.

You can also link our FORS and Crossrail-compliant side sensors to many other Sentinel products. These include external sounders (with or without flashing LEDs) and LED warning signs.

For reassuring nearside protection, specify our Side Scan System with the Sentinel™ Front Corner System. They come with advanced self-diagnosis, error indication and sophisticated programming to avoid false alarms. Then add side cameras for ultimate peace of mind.

Can you afford not to specify these proven solutions? Especially when they’re key to saving lives, and protecting your property and vehicles.

Vehicle Safety Solutions
Vehicle Safety Solutions
Vehicle Safety Solutions
Vehicle Safety Solutions

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