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Safety Systems for Refuse Vehicles

You are a conscientious refuse collection vehicle (RCV) operator. You understand that safety – and all-round driver vision – is supreme while fulfilling your essential environmental role. Adding suitable safety equipment to refuse vehicles reduces accidents and lowers the risk of costly property damage. It may help you cut your fleet insurance premiums too…

Specialists in refuse vehicle safety

Since 1986, we’ve specialised in saving lives and protecting property around commercial vehicles. This includes the special challenge of protecting busy refuse vehicle crews and the other pedestrian and vehicular road users they interact with.

Covering so many angles of RCV safety

Of course, all our products and services are built around reliability, robustness and excellent value. Our tried-and-tested safety solutions for refuse collection vehicles include sophisticated camera and reversing systems. And then there’s our proven Radar SafetyStop™ System. This gives your drivers an audible warning if anything enters its detection zone. And it automatically applies the vehicle brakes. It’s for your peace of mind that we cover so many angles of refuse vehicle safety.

The special challenge of bin lifts

Over 30 years’ experience shows that setting up safety solutions on RCVs can be exceptionally tricky. In particular, if systems aren’t installed just right, you can experience lots of time-consuming false detections. This is because ancillary equipment such as bin lifts creates unusual blind spots. Fortunately, after so long specialising in RCV safety, and with all our installations done by in-house technicians, we know exactly how to use skilfully positioned multiple radars to cover hazards such as bin-lift blind spots.

Benefits – increased safety and protected reputations

The benefit is increased driver vision and safety near your refuse vehicles – and the operational efficiency of avoiding time-consuming false detections. Now add the extra productivity of missed bin alarms. And imagine how on-vehicle recording and our Live View option allow convenient remote vehicle monitoring. The result is complete protection of people, property and reputations – including yours!


For one refuse collection vehicle or a large fleet, look forward to priceless peace of mind whenever your vehicles work.

PRO TIP – Ensure you specify the bin-lift types when placing an order so we can plan the camera locations to give your driver the best possible vision. At the same time, you could also specify a Missed Bin button so they can flag the recording and provide vital evidence.

AHD 720P Camera Systems for Refuse Vehicles

Refuse Vehicle Reversing Systems

HD 1080P Camera Systems for Refuse Vehicles

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