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Our in-house team supports you with a suite of integrated services to help you meet the highest safety standards, and even improve your fleet’s performance and productivity.

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At Sentinel we are passionate about savings lives and protecting your property and vehicles. It’s what we do and have been doing since 1986.

Alongside our extensive range of innovative products, we offer a full range of customised services that, together, enable us to deliver the most effective solution for your needs. These are brought to you by our in-house team of engineers, each one of them experts with unique industry experience and insight.

Our services start with a complete assessment of your requirements; everything that follows is designed to match the circumstances in which your fleet operates. Once the right technology and package is specified, our Sentinel engineers will then complete installation and set up. They also offer training and support for your team over time. Depending on the systems selected, we also provide a cloud-based remote instant access service -Sentinel Sentry Live View. We can even improve your fleet’s productivity and performance... as well as save lives.

Vehicle Safety Solutions

Vehicle Safety and Vision

Integrated vehicle safety services that maximise your return on investment

Alongside our extensive range of innovative product solutions, we offer a full range of services that firstly ensure the most effective solution is selected, specifically for your needs. Our audits and experience can save you time and money. Once specified, our in-house team of engineers can install, test and train your team on use, and support your team over time. Depending on your selected system we also regularly provide a monitoring, recording and data management service, including our cloud based Sentinel Sentry Live View system.

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Vehicle Safety Solutions

Our vehicle safety system services portfolio

Vehical Safety Services
Vehicle Sensor

1. Assess

The safety solutions that your fleet needs depend on where and how it operates. Our friendly and expert team are on-hand to assess your specific requirements and recommend the optimum safety and security solutions for your vehicles. We can also identify relevant regulations and how you need to comply.

  • All commercial vehicles and sectors
  • Compliance ensured with DVS, FORS & CLOCS –according to your requirements
  • Physical vehicle inspections also available if required
Vehicle Safety Solutions
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2. Specification

Vehicle Security
HGV Safety

2. specification

Achieving the very highest safety standards for your fleet means specifying the right technologies and the packages we propose are customised to your requirements and designed to need the minimum of maintenance. Each component is chosen to be the right fit within the overall solution and your fleet’s specific activities.

  • All packages customised to fit your specific requirements and goals
  • Specifications tailored to complement all forms of ancillary equipment
  • Working with your vehicles’ existing setup, integrating with existing OEM equipment
Vehicle Safety Solutions
Vehicle Security
HGV Safety
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3-4. Install & Set up

Refuse Vehicle Solutions
Industrial Vehicle Safety

3-4. Install & Setup

Unlike most other providers, all Sentinel installations are carried out by our in-house team of dedicated engineers. Fully trained on all systems, including specialist vehicles, they ensure the right solutions specified for your vehicles are fitted, tested and commissioned. Because all our installs are performed by our own experts , we know the exact details of every system we have fitted on every customer’s vehicle. That means we can also provide the best follow-up support.

  • Installation, testing and commissioning provided at your site
  • All solutions set up to your requirements
  • Compliance with your industry-specific regulations is assured
Vehicle Safety Solutions
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5-6. Training & Support

Vehicle Security Training
Vehicle Safety

5-6. Training & Support

With their expert knowledge about all Sentinel products, our engineers will train your personnel to get the best from the technology and ensure they have a solid understanding of day-to-day operation. We can also help you use the system’s alarms and notifications to evaluate drivers’ behaviour and improve their performance by responding to the different alerts. Our after sales service is simply second to none; we never just 'fit and forget'. All maintenance and repairs are carried out by the same in-house team that installed the systems, and every piece of equipment installed by us is covered by at least a two year no quibble guarantee.

Vehicle Safety Solutions
  • The Sentinel in-house training and development programme means we never stop learning and upskilling ourselves
  • You won’t find a more friendly and experienced team
  • Helping you go beyond compliance
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Data Management
Vehicle Safety Solutions
HGV Camera Systems


The safety solutions that your fleet needs depends on where and how it operates. Our friendly and expert team are on-hand to assess your specific requirements and recommend the optimum safety and security solutions for your vehicles. We can also identify relevant regulations and how you need to comply. The Sentinel Sentry Live View package gives you immediate access to and complete control over the data and intelligence your vehicles are generating. Whether you need to review camera footage from an incident, find the current location of a vehicle or receive alerts and alarms as they happen, Sentinel Sentry Live View gives you remote access to all the cloud-hosted data immediately. Such telematics systems are mandatory in some locations. So, equipping your fleet with the Sentinel Sentry Live View enables your organisation to qualify for more contracts.

Vehicle Safety Solutions
  • Live camera footage transmission via SIM card
  • Cloud hosting included
  • Alarms include vehicle movement - such as excessive speed or heavy braking.
  • Access your live data from any internet -enabled device, including a smartphone
  • WiFi depot data transmission also available


We pride ourselves on our expertise, with a team of in-house Sentinel engineers and specialists with a collective experience of over 100 years in commercial and specialist vehicle systems and safety. We are here to support you every step of the way, ensuring your fleet is properly equipped and saving lives.

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Matt Bush - Vehicle Safety Solutions


Engineering Manager, Sentinel Systems
14 years vehicle engineering and technical experience

“Vehicle safety is an ever-changing world as technology develops and regulations evolve. It’s my passion, and I love to help customers find the right solutions for their business that ultimately provides peace-of-mind as well as return on investment.”

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