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We both understand how important safety is when your road sweepers, with their complex moving equipment, work on public highways or private sites. Adding suitable safety equipment to improve drivers’ 360° vision – and increase safety in other ways – reduces accidents and costly property damage. Maybe you’ll cut fleet insurance premiums too...

Specialists in road sweeper safety

Since 1986, we’ve specialised in vehicle safety – including busy environments where road sweeping takes place. In fact, for more than 30 years we’ve improved drivers’ vision, helped save lives and protected property around vehicles. When it comes to equipping road sweepers, our long experience is priceless for protecting the inherent – potentially fatal – blind spots on such specialised vehicles.

Covering so many angles of road sweeper safety

As you’d expect, all our products and services are built around reliability, robustness and excellent value. Our tried-and-tested road sweeper safety solutions start with all-seeing camera and reversing systems. Then there are the brush cameras that monitor kerb side brushes to make sure sweepers operate optimally. And of course, there’s our proven Radar SafetyStop™ System. SafetyStop™ gives drivers an audible warning if anything enters its detection zone. It also applies the road sweeper’s brakes automatically. It’s for your peace of mind that we cover so many angles of road sweeper safety.

Benefits for road sweeper operators

Of course, priceless safety and property protection is the main benefit – supported by the accurate blind-spot-beating coverage that decades of experience ensure. As well as improving drivers’ all-round vision, there’s improved operational efficiency as your Sentinel installation avoids time-consuming false detections. Now add protection of organisational (and personal) reputations. And opportunities to cut vehicle insurance premiums…

Fitted by our dedicated employed engineers

Of course, we only use our own employed engineers to install our products. Because they’re trained on all systems, including those of specialist vehicles such as road sweepers, you can count on compliance with all industry-specific regulations.

Saving lives and preventing costly vehicle damage

Do you operate one road sweeper on a small industrial site or a large fleet like many Sentinel customers? Either way, look forward to priceless peace of mind as you keep people and property safe.

PRO TIP – obvious though it seems, when planning and specifying safety solutions, remember that most road sweepers are left-hand drive!

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