Bus & Minibus Safety Systems

Bus & Minibus Safety Systems

Improving all-round vision and safety for bus and minibus operators shares many commercial vehicle challenges – with the added responsibility of having up to 60 passengers on board. Because of this, and the fact that passenger coaches may be nearly 20m long, extra vehicle safety solutions are vital.

Bus and minibus safety specialists

Since 1986, we’ve specialised in safety for buses, minibuses and other public service vehicles (PSVs). For over 30 years we’ve helped save lives, avoid injuries and protect property and vehicles when people are carried. Not to mention helping operators reduce fleet insurance premiums and protect hard-earned reputations.

Covering so many angles of bus and minibus safety

Our tried-and-tested bus safety solutions range from basic minibus reversing camera systems (no MDVR) to comprehensive full-HD camera systems and 360-degree surround view. Now add award-winning cycle hotspot systems, bus reversing aids, front corner scanning and internal cameras. All our products and services are built around reliability, robustness and excellent value. It's reassuring to know we cover so many angles of bus safety.

A PSV operator’s dream

For ultimate peace of mind and real-time fleet monitoring, specify Live View with 3G or 4G SIM Card package and our Cloud-hosted data subscription. You’ll be able to monitor vehicle movements and view real-time images on a PC or via iOS and Android apps. And of course, with optional Wi-Fi it’s easy to download incident data on return to your depot.

Fitted by dedicated employed engineers

Naturally, all our bus and minibus installations are carried out by our own dedicated employed engineers. Because they’re trained on all systems (including specialist vehicles such as buses and coaches) you can count on compliance with industry-specific regulations.

Saving lives and avoiding vehicle damage

Do you operate one coach or a fleet? Either way, look forward to priceless peace of mind and the potential to avoid accidents, save lives and protect property. And all the time you’ll also be protecting your company’s (and your) hard-earned reputation.

PRO TIP – help us help you by putting time and effort into planning component location on your bus or minibus. It’s the key to giving drivers the best possible protection and vision.

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