Sentinel’s cameras and cycle safety system installed on ND Brown’s entire fleet

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ND Brown – commercial vehicle rental firm chooses Sentinel

Commercial vehicle hire and hotbox specialist firm, ND Brown, has over 750 trucks supplying the utility, civil engineering, municipal, and road maintenance sectors. Its fleet includes high-quality, modern self-drive HGVs, from hot box hire to tipper hire, tipper grabs and a range of specialist municipal vehicles including road sweepers, gully emptiers, and skip loaders. With its HQ in Wolverhampton and five regional depots across the UK, ND Brown provides an extensive and efficient nationwide service.


Sentinel Systems delivers a consistent and efficient operation

Sentinel Systems manufactures, installs, and maintains a range of vehicle safety solutions. Carefully specified and correctly fitted vehicle safety equipment is key to saving lives and protecting commercial vehicles, often by improving drivers’ all-round vision and awareness via alerts. Being a FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) Associate, Sentinel can advise, supply, and fit the exact packages needed to achieve or maintain compliance.

Project overview


Specialist safety equipment helps raise standards in commercial vehicle hire

ND Brown wanted to raise industry standards and looked to new technology to promote best practice and reduce the risk on the road, especially the safety of vulnerable road users. They knew about Sentinel’s reputation for high quality vehicle safety equipment so they were chosen to install their innovative camera and cyclist safety systems. After an initial trial phase six years ago, the successful roll-out now sees over 150 new vehicles being kitted out each year.

Sentinel’s in-house installation team liaise directly with ND Brown’s various body builders and fit the solution appropriate for the vehicle type, before delivery to ND Brown. Side vision cameras, with cycle hotspot systems, and side protection solutions, provide drivers with a clear view while driving and manoeuvring the rental vehicle. They help reduce the possibility of accidents, as well as giving the driver additional confidence and reassurance. When required Sentinel also provides additional systems, for example, cameras for 360-degree vision within-cab monitors, recorders and playback.


Improving ND Brown’s auditing process

Sentinel liaises directly with our body builders so it’s stress-free for us. All new vehicles are fully ready for hire when delivered and have passed our internal audit process.”

Harry Brown, Operations Director at ND Brown.

Sentinel’s expert knowledge of FORS means the exact vehicle safety requirements are met on every vehicle. As a result, ND Brown became the first commercial vehicle hire firm in the UK to be accredited with the FORS Silver Standard.

“Having our fleet accredited with FORS is great for us, in fact, nearly all of our customers insist on it so it’s useful we were so ahead of the game with fitting Sentinel’s equipment to all new vehicles. They’ve also advised us on many compliance issues when we’ve had queries from customers.”

Harry Brown, Operations Director at ND Brown.

Sentinel’s camera and cyclist safety systems are now installed on all new vehicles ordered by ND Brown. Having Sentinel work directly with the body manufacturers means that vehicles arrive fully compliant, don’t require any retrofit work, and are ready for rental straight away. Sentinel has been proactive in helping ND Brown by fitting beacons in addition to their normal range of safety equipment.

“The fact Sentinel do this whilst the vehicles are still in build, saves us a lot of time and allows us to hire them out more quickly when they arrive with us”.

Harry Brown, Operations Director at ND Brown.


Quick response on maintenance

With customers all over the UK it’s vital ND Brown has a dedicated service and maintenance team to call on if anything goes wrong. Sentinel ensures all maintenance and repairs are carried out by the same in-house team that installed the systems.

“We appreciate that Sentinel is able to react quickly when a vehicle is damaged during operation. The support team help us to quickly get our vehicles out for re-hire which is vital for us.”

Alex Gallan, Fleet &Maintenance Coordinator at ND Brown.


Continuing to promote best practice and high standards

As ND Brown expands, it will continue installing Sentinel’s safety systems on all new vehicles. It’s commitment to promoting best practice and high standards is supported by Sentinel’s pledge to supply and install quality vehicle safety solutions with long-term reliability.


How ND Brown benefits from using Sentinel Systems

• Proven, cost-effective technology

• FORS Silver accreditation

• Equipment installed pre-delivery

• Fast maintenance response

• Improved safety for ND Brown customers and other road users – particularly the most vulnerable

• Reduced fleet downtime

Download the full Case Study Datasheet here.

Visit the ND Brown website here.

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