Sentinel Wins Go Plant 300 Vehicle Contract

Go Plant, a leading supplier of short and long term hire vehicles, has committed to install all-round safety systems to its entire fleet, after running extensive trials with different specialist companies. Andy Brumell from Go Plant awarded the contract to vehicle safety specialists, Sentinel Systems.

Sentinel will be supplying and installing its complete 5-camera and side-scan cyclist detection system to Go Plant’s fleet of over 300 vehicles, which includes refuse collection and recycling vehicles, large and pedestrian sweepers, gully emptying and water removal solutions and back to black street cleaners.

The 5-camera systems will be installed around the exterior of the vehicles, covering the rear, sides and front including all blind spots and internally protecting the cab and driver, and will be linked to an in-cab monitor to give drivers a better visual awareness of the vehicle’s surroundings. In having this system installed, drivers will be alerted to approaching cyclists along the nearside blind spot, allowing them to take caution when manoeuvring. The cameras will also provide better assistance whilst reversing as drivers will be able to see any obstacles, such as cars, pedestrians or buildings that may be in the way. This not only prevents collisions but also reduces the risk of damage to the vehicle, and third party vehicles or property, which can be costly.

Go Plant is based in Ibstock, Leicestershire and has nine depots across England and Wales. Its vehicles are used for many purposes including in highly congested towns and cities as well as more rural and residential areas. As its vehicles have a wide range of uses the company required a system that assists its drivers in all driving conditions, which is achieved with Sentinel’s all-round camera solution.

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