Sentinel Improves Safety of New Reynolds Prototype Vehicles

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A UK leading independent catering supplier, Reynolds, has recently introduced two new temperature-controlled Econic delivery trucks to its fleet of over 250 vehicles, where all vehicles over 12 tonnes have been installed with Sentinel Systems’ vehicle safety solutions.

The two new trucks are being called ‘Urban Prototypes’ and adopt a different, more safety-conscious approach to Reynolds’ deliveries across London, which now reach as many as 30-35 deliveries per day.

Sentinel Systems has worked with Reynolds on many projects, having already installed its reversing cameras and side-scanning cyclist protection systems to all of the large vehicles within its fleet. For the two new 18-tonne Econic vehicles, Reynolds opted to install Sentinel’s 360° cameras, linked to an in-cab monitor and recording DVR unit, as well as its audible side-scanning cyclist detection system.

The two Econic vehicles offer a new driving experience for its drivers, which are enhanced by Sentinel’s two safety solutions. Drivers are given an improved view of the road with the truck’s deep, panoramic windscreen and are positioned much lower than traditional vehicles which allows them to see passing pedestrians and cyclists much better.

The truck also has a lower entry cab using just two steps as opposed to four, which reduces the risk of injury to drivers when getting in and out of the vehicle. Through-cab access also allows drivers and crew members to safely exit the vehicle on either side that is out of the way of traffic. Strobe lights can also be used to assist crew members whilst loading and unloading the vehicle at night time.

With Sentinel’s 360° cameras, drivers of the new Reynolds vehicles are able to be given a complete view of the vehicle’s surroundings, including the rear and near-side blind spots. Installed at the front, rear, and sides of the vehicle, drivers are able to identify obstructions such as pedestrians, cyclists, objects or buildings using the in-cab, split-screen monitor and take the right precautionary measures when approaching. The cameras are supported by Sentinel’s mobile DVR unit, which records and stores all footage captured, and stores it on to a 1 TB hard drive to allow fleet operators to review and extract footage that may be used as evidence or defence in a crash-for-cash claim. This particular device has the potential to save companies a significant amount in insurance fines.

Also installed along the nearside of the vehicle is Sentinel’s Bike Hotspot Cyclist Protection System with audible alarms. This award-winning system is designed to detect a cyclist when in the vehicle’s blind spot and audibly warn the driver of its presence. This encourages the driver to hold off on moving forward until the cyclist has passed, which can reduce the risk of an accident, especially in the congested streets of London.

Sentinel has recently worked with many different companies operating in London to equip them with its life-saving systems, as regulations tighten on the requirement of cyclist protection on vehicles. Sentinel is a FORS accredited supplier and is dedicated to helping companies improve the safety of their vehicles and assist drivers in the challenging conditions faced on UK roads. The company’s full product range includes a number of high-spec vehicle cameras, reversing radar and auto-braking systems and a selection of vehicle audible alarms.

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