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Project overview

Lubricants distributor Moove Lubricants Ltd wanted to upgrade the camera system on four of their vehicles.

As part of a plan to streamline processes across the business, they were looking for an improved system with a live feed, to deliver regulatory compliance as well as safety and operational benefits.

Vehicle safety specialists Sentinel Systems were selected for the supply and install, and exceeded Moove’s expectations with a modern, high-spec solution and excellent service.

“Sentinel have been great to deal with – I wish that we’d heard about them sooner!” said Keiron Ellsley, Transport Manager at Moove Lubricants Ltd.

Looking to improve vehicle safety

Vehicle Safety

Safety is Moove’s top priority, for both their drivers and vehicles. Four of their fleet had an older camera system which required footage to be manually downloaded. This meant there was no live information to help fleet managers and drivers work together in real time, and gaining quick access to recordings was challenging.

As well as complying with the Direct Vision Standard (DVS), Moove wanted to install a system which was Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Silver scheme compliant, to achieve even higher safety standards.

A recommendation for Sentinel Systems

Sentinel Systems were recommended to Moove’s Transport Manager, Keiron Ellsley, by a contact in the transport industry. Keiron was already aware of Sentinel from various HGV shows and knew they had a good reputation in the industry, so approaching them for a quote was a clear choice.

He said, “We chose Sentinel’s system as it offered all the features we were looking for at a very competitive price. The team at Sentinel were a pleasure to deal with and provided a solution which enabled us to view live camera feeds, track our vehicles’ locations, and access everything through one simple login. The mobile app is a real gamechanger for us and very easy to use – the system allows the rest of our business to access the information they need in real time to support the delivery operation.”

Selecting the ideal vehicle camera solution

The Sentinel Systems team worked with Moove to understand their requirements and challenges, and put together a system to fully meet their needs. It included:

  • A high definition four-camera 360° all round view system, offering Moove’s drivers a clear view of their surroundings.
  • The latest Sentry S60 MDVR with six channels, GPS and 4G module. Moove also opted for the Sentry Live View package which allows real-time remote monitoring for additional safety.
  • A four-channel quad view AHD colour monitor which is installed in each vehicle’s cab, providing live footage to improve visibility and reduce known blind spots.

Seamless vehicle safety system installation

The installation of the system into Moove’s vehicles ran smoothly, with each vehicle complete within a day.

Keiron commented, “The installation was seamless. As the vehicles were being retrofitted, we were worried that the wiring from the old system may cause an extra challenge, but the engineers managed to fix any problems as they went, which kept everything on track. We were really impressed with how straightforward Sentinel made the whole process.”

Sentinel worked with Moove to meet their project timescales. As part of a rolling project, this involved fitting out two vehicles initially, followed by a third the following month, and with the fourth scheduled for later this year. This flexibility enabled Moove to minimise disruption and plan resources accordingly.

Solving vehicle visibility and safety challenges

A key benefit of Sentinel’s system is that it has resulted in a reduction in incidents, as well as providing Moove’s drivers with additional confidence and support.

The high-spec cameras are linked to an in-cab monitor which provides the driver with a clear external view while driving, helping with tight manoeuvres and safety. The live view package also provides Moove with the ability to review any incidents involving their vehicles remotely in real time, providing valuable back-up to the driver, and with the added bonus of audio recording if needed.

It is also proving to be useful for deliveries requiring overnight stops, as it enables the driver to safely monitor their surroundings without needing to leave the cab.

Improving Moove’s delivery process

Moove are using Sentinel’s system to track their vehicles, which is not only useful for providing customers with estimated delivery times, but also provides more information to the business to help improve efficiency.

In locations where safe delivery isn’t possible, Moove’s drivers were typically having to exit their vehicles and take photos as evidence. With the new system, they can now capture the full situation on camera, including any health and safety concerns. This can be instantly accessed by the whole team, allowing the office-based staff to contact the customer to report the situation and make arrangements for redelivery.

Supporting transport industry accreditation

The new system has helped Moove with their ISO and FORS compliance, by demonstrating the measures in place to ensure safety and efficiency. As a result of Sentinel’s installation, Moove have not only ensured their DVS compliance, but are now also on track for FORS Silver Membership, demonstrating their dedication to operating a safe, high quality fleet.

Keiron concluded, “Sentinel have provided us with an excellent system which has been great value for money. Their service and support has also been second to none and we know that they’re always at the end of the phone if we need them. Based on this experience, they’ll be our supplier of choice for any future requirements.”

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