New Cyclist safety range

With the number of cyclist deaths at an all time high in Britain, it’s clear that vehicle safety companies must step up to stop these accidents from occurring. And that’s exactly what we’ve done at Sentinel by launching a brand new range of Cyclist Detection Safety Systems for lorries and HGV.

A recent survey of almost 18,000 drivers by the AA and research and strategy consultancy Populus, has revealed that up to 93% of motorists find it hard to spot cyclists while out and about on the roads. 55% of those surveyedstated that they were often “surprised when a cyclist appears from nowhere”. A further 54% believed that pedal cyclists were inconsiderate road users, with men (57%) significantly more likely to believe this than women (47%). When asked specifically about motorcyclists, 40% of UK drivers claimed they were inconsiderate, with this figure rising to 46% among Londoners and 49% among drivers aged between 25 and 34.

Raising Awareness of Cyclist Safety

This recent survey coincides with a national campaign by the AA, encouraging drivers to increase their awarenessof pedal- and motorcyclists on the road. The organisation will be distributing around a million free stickers to car drivers, reminding them to check their side mirrors for cyclists and motorcycles.

This is a particularly crucial area for drivers to check, as cyclists can easily move into blind spots down the side of the vehicle; if no checks are made before turns and manoeuvres, the results can be fatal.

The AA’s campaign has been lauded by British Cycling, the Metropolitan Police and the Motorcycle Industry Association, all of whom welcome the idea of a simple way to remind drivers about cyclist safety..

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