Charity Ride from Ciren to Paris

Good luck to our Ops Manager & his friends, Doing a charity ride from Ciren to Paris this Friday in 24hrs!

From their Just Giving page:

"This September, 3 friends (Daniel, Chris and Becky) will embark on a 24 hour cycling extravaganza like no other – all in the name of Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Entirely unaided and self-funded, on Friday 12 September at 12pm, we will be saddling up in Cirencester equipped only with the water in our bottles and the clothes on our backs. Au Revoir England! From there we will begin the journey to our goal – the Eiffel Tower! By 11:59am on Saturday 13 September we will reach our destination Francais, ready to eat our weight in croissants; but not before we’ve had the chance to raid a Parisian charity shop for another chance to give and the opportunity to don something a little less lycra (beret and stripes anyone?)

This monumental challenge will see us cycle 250 miles with nothing but a short Ferry trip to rest our weary legs. The goal is simple – to raise as much money as possible to a cause close to all our hearts – Alzheimer’s Research UK. Every penny raised will go directly to the charity and will be massively appreciated by all of us, and most importantly by the charity."

To donate head to: https://www.justgiving.com/ciren-paris24/

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