Advanced Reversing Systems From Sentinel Can Protect Companies

Sentinel Systems, a specialist in vehicle safety solutions, continues to develop its range of reversing safety systems as part of its commitment to protecting the fleet industry.

This past year has seen companies and authorities face avoidable fines and prosecution for accidents involving LGVs, which have resulted in injuries, deaths and damage to third party property, where preventative measures have not been taken.

Sentinel’s reversing radar systems have proved to be a very beneficial aid for many companies across a range of industries, and has significantly improved the safety of the vehicle and driving conditions for the driver. The company understands the difficult task drivers are faced with when reversing an LGV, given the lack of awareness of the vehicle’s rear blind spot, which is a common cause of accidents. In order to improve this, and reduce the consequences of an accident on fleet operators, Sentinel has introduced a new and advanced range of reversing radar solutions.

Installed at the rear of the vehicle, the new radar systems use advanced UK-manufactured components to offer superior reliability and performance to help mitigate the risk of the vehicle whilst it is reversing. The radars are linked to an in-cab audio warning device, which alarms when an obstruction is detected within a predetermined distance, giving the driver notice to take caution.

In addition to this, the radars can be enhanced with an auto-braking function, which automatically triggers the vehicle’s brake when the obstruction is detected, and resets itself once it is cleared. To ensure the system is completely safe and does not create a distraction for the driver, Sentinel has engineered the system to operate only whilst the vehicle is in reverse gear.

Installing reversing aids such as Sentinel’s reversing and auto-braking radar systems not only improves driving conditions for drivers, but has the potential to protect fleet operators from unwanted fines, which have been known to reach as much as £2million. This comes as part of a new legislation, which holds company managers and directors responsible for accidents where preventative measures are not taken.

The radars, along with other safety systems offered by Sentinel including cameras and cyclist protection equipment, also protect companies and authorities from expensive court cases and fines involving damage to third party properties. When enhanced with one of Sentinel’s reversing cameras, companies are able to give evidence of an incident in ‘crash for cash’ or other bogus court claims, which ultimately prevents unnecessary insurance claims.

Sentinel’s reversing radars are installed by its own team of field engineers, who are also responsible for the service and maintenance of any installed systems.

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