Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme

The big question is, are you compliant?
Being a FORS Associate we can advise what your fleet
requires, whether its Bronze, Silver or Gold we can help you
to achieve compliance.

We have been working closely with FORS for a number of years now, in doing so we have identified the exact vehicle safety requirements based on FORS Version 5. Our goal is to ensure you meet the requirements set out by FORS.

To find out more about the systems we offer please see our FORS brochure

Through customer feedback we have ascertained a lot of equipment suppliers are incorrectly advising FORS operators with
what is required. We've cut out all the nonsense and are providing the packages you actually need to achieve or maintain
compliance. For more information or details about supply and install solutions please contact our Sales team.

FORS compliance
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Understanding the FORS terminology is a key part of ensuring your fleet is compliant, the "Shall", "Should" and "May" all point to what is actually required and what you should be looking into, future revisions of FORS may start to incorporate items that are a "Should" or "May" and make them mandatory, to find out more please contact our Sales team.

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