Behind the Bumper Reversing Radar System for Vans

Reversing accounts for too many injuries and deaths around working vehicles. Fortunately, our proven behind the bumper reversing system gives drivers much-improved awareness of their surroundings. In turn, this makes van reversing much safer and reduces the risk of costly property damage.

Will you specify our behind the bumper reversing system for one owner-operated van or a large van fleet? Either way, with its VCA-approved Doppler radar system, it works reliably to protect in all environments and weather.

Unlike conventional systems the bumper requires no drilling; this is because the single sensor is installed behind it. It’s a perfect fit-and-forget reversing aid for vans. What’s more, as well as improving rear awareness, the system gives drivers clear hazard warnings via audio-visual alarms. By the way, to eliminate false alarms, it only activates when reverse gear is selected.

Can you afford not to improve safety, reduce accidents and even lower insurance premiums by fitting our behind the bumper reversing radar system to your vans?

Vehicle Safety Solutions
Vehicle Safety Solutions
Vehicle Safety Solutions
Vehicle Safety Solutions

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