HGV Front Corner Scan

Front-nearside bumpers and cab steps are the most vulnerable areas for HGV damage – and front corner blind spots can conceal pedestrians… Do you need any more reasons to improve drivers’ all-around vision?

The Sentinel™ Front Corner System’s ultrasonic Front Corner Scan technology uses multiple ultrasonic sensors to improve drivers’ all-round vision. It also increases awareness of their vehicle’s position in confined spaces. The system makes it easy to reduce the risk of expensive damage to vulnerable front bumpers and side-steps. And it can minimise costly vehicle downtime from such impacts.

Most importantly, because it gives the driver better awareness, it helps protect vulnerable pedestrians who enter the vehicle’s blind spot. Fitting the Sentinel™ Front Corner System to your HGV fleet can save lives as well as protecting your property and vehicles.

Our Front Corner Scan system can be programmed to activate at different speeds. It also has a range of sensor coverage options. You can also specify it with an optional LED in-cab display (with audio-visual warning). And, of course, it integrates perfectly with other Sentinel™ solutions.

Vehicle Safety Solutions
Vehicle Safety Solutions
Vehicle Safety Solutions
Vehicle Safety Solutions

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