HGV Analogue Camera Systems

HGV fleets and owner-operators are increasingly vulnerable to false claims and ‘crash-for-cash’ incidents. That’s why it’s essential to capture video evidence with vehicle-mounted cameras and MDVR units.

Our customers value the decades of experience we bring to protecting HGV owner-operators and large HGV fleets alike. Our 4 or 5 (with IP option for front cameras), or 8-camera analogue camera systems give cost-effective safety and peace of mind where higher resolution AHD or HD isn’t needed. Our solutions match proven analogue camera technology to a 7” colour monitor and a suitable MDVR with SD, HDD or SSD storage device.

For ultimate peace of mind and real-time fleet monitoring, specify Live View with 3G or 4G SIM Card package and our Cloud-hosted data subscription. You’ll be able to monitor vehicle movements and view real-time images on a PC or via iOS and Android apps. Then add Wi-Fi and make it easy to download incident data on return to your depot.

It’s never been easier to protect and monitor vehicles wherever they are. If you don’t need high-definition video, this proven, cost-effective, technology could be perfect for your HGV fleet.

Vehicle Safety Solutions
Vehicle Safety Solutions
Vehicle Safety Solutions
Vehicle Safety Solutions

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