Front Cameras

To complement other on-vehicle safety equipment, a suitable analogue or analogue high-definition (AHD) front camera is essential to capture irrefutable evidence of on-road incidents. It also improves drivers’ all-round vision.

A highlight of our type-approved camera range is the unobtrusive windscreen-mounted AHD front camera. It even comes with cab-friendly OEM lane-departure design. Alongside our experience in vehicle cameras, its 1080P AHD image quality, 150° viewing angle, anti-vibration technology and E-marked type approval give further reassurance.

If you don’t need an AHD front camera’s resolution, consider our Sentinel™ Mini-Pro. It’s a reliable, cost-effective camera with enhanced low-light performance, 170° Super Wide Angle field of view and IP68.

Whatever commercial vehicles you operate, our front cameras are the perfect way to capture forward-looking incidents. What’s more, when used with AHD technology they can accurately read number plates.

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