Reverse Systems for Road Sweepers

Our reversing systems protect property and lives when vehicles manoeuvre on- and off-road.

At the heart of our Heavy Duty Alerter System is an advanced radar head. This is protected by a robust casing to minimise damage, repairs and costly warranty claims. With its unobtrusive in-cab alerter, this system offers affordable low-maintenance reversing protection.

There's our popular behind the bumper (BTB) radar system too – another proven way to make reversing safer. Unlike conventional systems the bumper requires no drilling; this is because the single sensor is installed behind it. It’s a perfect fit-and-forget reversing aid for many vehicle types including vans.

The fully customisable SafetyStop™ Radar System adds in-cab warnings. And potentially life-saving independent brake application when obstructions are detected. It features a convenient adjustable sensor range that can be set to your specific reversing warning requirements – such as when protecting blind spots created by bin lifts or other equipment.

Our Ultrasonic Alerter System is perfect for many vehicle types including road sweepers and trucks. It’s also ideal for protecting blind spots created by vehicles’ auxiliary equipment.

There’s also our discreet Ultrasonic System, which you can specify with audible warning and auto-braking (Sentinel brake valve or EBS).

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